A consistent brand image is not just about a logo

By: Octarine Communications  02-25-2009
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Any junior brand manager can tell you that it is absolutely essential to maintain a consistent brand image, but sometimes even major brands can get out of synch.

Take Vodacom, for instance. I’m not sure exactly why there is a Vodashop and a Vodacom4U shop at my nearest shopping centre. The both seem to provide identical services, so why do they need two different names? Clearly Vodacom4U targets the youth market while the original Vodashop aims for a more established target, but then why are the two shops selling exactly the same product range?

I suspect that Vodacom4U was initially a promotional concept with airtime packages designed specifically for teenagers, and that somehow it morphed into a retail chain without any real retail strategy. But Vodacom is an immensely strong brand, so this is hardly likely to impact on their shares.

But have a look at Ferrero Rocher chocolates. On one hand, they try to present an exclusive, top of the range image, and on the other, they are forever on promotion in Clicks. And while this is a great retail chain, and no doubt gives them wide distribution across South Africa, Clicks isn’t exactly exclusive. In fact, surely the appeal of Clicks is quite the opposite; an accessibility and value proposition.

So I, for one, never see Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a luxury. In fact, because they are always “on special” I harbour a suspicion that they couldn’t possibly live up to the Food for the gods message of their TV commercial. And I’d certainly be loathe to buy a gift for a friend that looks like it might only have been chosen because it was at a discounted price!

Kulula.com, on the other hand, is very consistent. Next time you fly Kulula, make a particular point of listening to the on-board safety messages – even these are whacky and irreverent. Who’d have thought aviation regulations would provide an opportunity to entrench an impudent and innovative brand image?

Maintaining a consistent image is not just about making sure the integrity of your corporate ID is in place; it is also critical to ensure that every touch point with your consumer is consistent. At Octarine we focus on creative and strategic marketing solutions. To find out more, visit www.octarine.co.za or contact [email protected] for more information.

Keywords: Ad agency

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