Ocean Secure - Defeating Pirates, Protection At Sea

By: Oceansecure  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security Companies, Maritime Security, Shipping Companies

Defeating piracy is of international concern for Multinational Naval Forces, shipping companies and private individuals alike, which calls for private maritime security companies based in Africa, such as OCEAN SECURE to relieve the enormous strain on government agencies and provide private protection against pirates.

OCEAN SECURE provides the following services:

  • Maritime coast guard support services and security consulting to clients operating in hostile waters.
  • Emergency response.
  • Crew Evacuation.
  • Physical Security at Port and Marine Facilities.
  • Vessel Security Evaluations.
  • Armed Maritime Security Teams.
  • Supply Drop Services.
  • Hostile Maritime Awareness Training.
  • Maritime Security Training.
  • Procurement of Maritime Security Equipment.
  • Off shore Search & Rescue missions.
  • Rotary Wing Air Support.
  • Long-range fixed winged support aircraft.
  • Hostage and vessel recovery.

OCEAN SECURE is proudly a South African organization with significant combat and logistic experience with regards to vessel security intervention. With our local understanding of Africa and combat experience in Africa, OCEAN SECURE can provide security support to shipping companies and private yachts to protect crews from criminal acts of robbery and violence.

With the increasing levels of maritime piracy around the African continent, OCEAN SECURE now provides maritime security teams to clients transiting through high risk areas. We offer comprehensive services related to the complex task of mitigating and managing the risks associated with maritime operations in hostile environments including specially trained ship security officers.

Keywords: Criminal Acts, Maritime Security, private yachts, Security Companies, ship security, Shipping Companies