OC2 Outsource Contact Centre

By: Oc2  11-11-2011

OC2 is an Outsource Contact Centre offering outbound and inbound sales, service and teleresearch capabilities. OC2 currently has sixty-five networked seats, all offering voice recording.       


OC2 has built up a significant outbound track record in both sales and teleresearch.  Strengths include script-writing, dynamic, hands-on involvement by all levels of management, an intensive quality assurance process and a continuous learning cycle resulting in training, scripting and processes being reviewed on an ongoing basis.  The emphasis is on the outcomes, both quality and quantity, and agent involvement is a key in running a campaign. OC2 is able to add maximum value when it is involved early in the planning process, commenting on or giving input into both the script and proposed dialling process.  Client  feedback completes the loop. The fact that all calls are recorded is a key factor in the coaching process.  It also provides clients with the opportunity of experiencing the telephonic interactions from their clients' perspectives.


OC2 has an excellent inbound track-record, exceeding customer expectations by adopting a dynamic and flexible approach to work-force management.  Coaching and process improvement are ongoing and agents are encouraged to participate in the planning process, giving input and making suggestions on how service levels may be improved.