Do not let crime dampen you festive holiday!!!!!!!

By: Electro Gate & Fence   09-29-2011
Keywords: Security, electric fencing, Alarm Systems

Yes it is almost Xmas 2011,and most people will be going away.But while you are enjoying your time with friends and family.There are a people hard at work,looking at home's that are unprotected,where they can go in and help themselves to your goods.Only for you to have to come back to an empty house.

So before going away this year make sure you have a proper security system in place,and that it is all in good working order eg.Battery can handle a long power fail,spray all the sensor with an insect killer to minimise false alarms,clear all plants away from outside beams,your electric fence is still running at full power ect.

And then take the normal precautions.

1.Ask a friend or neighbour to check up on your home.
2.Make sure all doors and windows are properly closed and locked
3.Leave a radio on,as to give the idea that someone is still home
4.Install globe's with day night sensors in them,so they turn on at night

And so on.Prevention is better than an empty home.

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