Gynaecologist and Infertility

By: Dr Pieta Geyser Gynaecologist  10-30-2014
Keywords: infertility, Ivf, Endometriosis Main interests is :Treatment of infertility related problems :Gynaecologic problems Surgery :Endoscopic surgery for : Endometriosis Tubal repair surgery Myomectomy Histeroscopic procedures Other: Prolapse surgery Stress incontinence'/Sling procedures Hysterectomy Vaginal repair surgery

Keywords: bladder problems, Dysmenorrhagia, Endometriosi, Endometriosis, Fybroids, Heavy periods;Menorrhagia, I want a baby, Incontenance, infertility, Infertility Treatment, Insemination/IUI, Ivf, Laparoscopy, Myomas, ovarian cysts, Painfull Menstruation, Painfull sex,

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Gynaecologist with main interest in Infertility, Endoscopic surgery, Incontinence and prolapse surgery


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