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Bioway Multi Insect & Dustmite Killer from Bioway Multi Insect & Dustmite Killer

By: Bioway Multi Insect & Dustmite Killer  08-11-2015
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Bioway Multi - Insect and Dustmite Killer Safest of all insecticides | Eco friendly | 100 % Biodegradable | Green Kills ants, bed-bugs, fish moths, dust mites, flies, spiders, lice, head lice mosquitoes, cockroaches & all other insects • Safe to use near children, animals & birds • Has a water base with NO unpleasant & harmful gasses • Odorless, stainless & NOT poisonous to touch or inhale • The Only registered product in S.A that kills dust mites (Dust mites causes allergies, sinus & hay fever) HOW TO USE Bioway Multi Killer? • Apply on bedding & mattresses to get rid of bed-bugs • Apply on pillows & bedding in event of head lice • Apply to clothing wardrobes for effective control of fish moths • Apply in and around your home for ants, fleas, cockroaches, dust mites, flies & mosquitoes • Spray directly onto table fruit to effectively control fruit flies - it does not penetrate the fruit • This product effectively controls mite in your food cupboard • Apply in and around your dustbin for flies & their larvae • Apply on plants to prevent plant lice • Apply around pet food bowls to control ants & cockroaches • Apply to pet bedding for effective tick & flea control Bioway Multi Killer works for EVERYONE • Pigeon fanciers apply Bioway Multi Killer on pigeons and their nests to control feather lice – Bioway Multi is totally harmless to any bird. • Children Day Care centers apply Bioway Multi Killer to their sandpits for fleas and mattresses that they rest on. • Hikers and Hunters use Bioway on their clothing to prevent tick bites and to kill all ticks and other parasites attaching to clothing • Bioway Multi stops all nuisance-irritating insects and stops their biting and host seeking behavior. Taxidermy, spay on the Trophy to prevent Infestation • ONLY harmful to cold blooded species. Harmless to any human, mammal, (animals) or birds. (warm blooded) HOW DOES Bioway Multi Killer WORK? The active ingredients attack the nerve system, paralyzing the insect which results in death a few moments later.

Keywords: Safe Insect Killer,Insect Killer

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