By: Gruisfontein  11-11-2011
Keywords: Mining Industry, Belt, Conveyor Belt

A revolutionary step forward in the mining industry was the invention of the conveyor belt arrestor device.

This device, after installation, monitors the belt movement via a monitoring pulley.

When the conveyor belt runs in the opposite direction for more than a pre-set distance, air supply is sent to the pneumatic cylinders, that in turn activates the arresting system.

Once activated, the device lowers the arrestor arm in approximately two seconds, and at the same time, the belt drive is automatically deactivated.

The resting arm is lowered onto the running belt, and through pressure applied onto the belt, causes the out of control belt to come to a halt.

During tests, the belt after activation, was halted in less than 5 seconds, with minimal waste and no damage to machinery, equipment or life. The maintenance team in the event of a belt failure, after halting by the Arrestor, will be able to have the damage reversed and the belt operational in a much shorter time period, compared to present solutions.

An important aspect of this device, is that when the belt load increases, the arresting load increases accordingly, making the arresting device suitable for all occasions. The arresting arm is designed in such a way, that it will not damage the belt, equipment or machinery during operation.

Keywords: Belt, Conveyor Belt, Mining Industry

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In the highly competitive world of a mine, the crucial lifeline is the transportation of the mined material.Conveyor belts are vital machines and instruments of the mining industry for transportation. A Major breakdown on any mine could cost thousands in turnover, let alone the hours spent repairing the damage, and the production time loss while waiting for such repair work to finalize.