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By: KOSH Debt Councilors T/a Blue Key Consult  09-14-2011
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Mr. and Mrs. Thompson had debt repayments amounting to R23 450.00 monthly. Mrs. Thompson was retrenched from her work and now the Thompsons only had the salary of Mr. Thompson to pay all the debts. We were able to have their monthly repyament reduced to R11 320.00. Now they are able to retain all their assetts and have no sleep loss over debt that is not paid.

Mr. & Mrs. Fourie fell pregnant unplanned. They incurred additional unplanned costs for the new baby and in the process got over indebted. We sucessfully had their monthly installments reduced by 48% and they now have sufficient funds to cover their monthy living expenses and also their debts. They are extremely happy.

Mr. & Mrs. Sibanyoni had to surivie on the salary of Mrs. Sibanyoni alone as Mr. Sibanyoni were retrenched from the construction company that he was working for. We were able to successfully have all their creditor repayments reduced with 55% which now gives the Sibanyonis a chance to retain all their assetts and at the same time have a stress free marriage.

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