Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Spinal Manipulative Therapy from Hartbeespoort Chiropractic Clinic Forever Fit Branch

By: Hartbeespoort Chiropractic Clinic Forever Fit Branch  08-23-2016
Keywords: chiropractic, Low Back Pain, adjustment

By using high velocity, low amplitude adjustive techniques. Chiropractors spend their 3rd to 5th years learning and perfecting these techniques. A Chiropractor focus on gapping the joint and releasing the impingement or expingment of the synovial fold (Thus decreasing the pressure on the nerve root). An adjustment causes activation of mechanoreceptors in the capsule that override the nociceptors in and surrounding the joint. An increase of blood circulation occurs in the area which supplies nutrition to the joint. The induced movement causes the release of metabolites through a process called diffusion. Gapping the joint also helps prevent the further formation of inflammation in the area. In turn restoring the joint to optimal function allows the nerves to function normally. Chiropractors may also use non-invasive treatment procedures and refer patients to medical and surgical practitioners should it be indicated.

Keywords: adjustment, chiropractic, Low Back Pain, spinal manipulation therapy

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