NV Logistics - Airport Transfers, Hotel Express ( from hotel to various sites and back), Private Hire, Contracts

By: Nv Logistics  11-11-2011
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Airport Transfers

We at NV Logistics are very conscious of the role we have to play in receiving those guests well ahead of their host. In this regard we continue to train and develop our staff not only in areas of customer service but as well as being good and well behaved drivers on the road that observe all the rules and regulations plus being those type of people who value their lives as well as those of others, hence our priority mission is "to provide reliable, safe.." transport.

Hotel Express

This is a very unique product which is designed to make it easy for our customers to attend to their commitment outside their hotel of residence.

Hotel Express transports guests from their hotel of residence to meetings, lunch, diners, entertainment and even for shopping sprees.

In all cases of hotel express we wait for our clients to do their business and finish. If it cannot be done within three hours or less we can always come back later at an agreed time.

Whether we wait or we have to come back later we do not charge our customers extra and even then our rates still remain very competitive.


We are still not very strong in tours having done only a few, we still want to develop this product like the rest of the portfolio of our products.

Having said that, we would like to encourage our clients to continue trying us and we are committed to transfer all our skills learnt from other products to this product to ensure that whatever we deliver, it is consistent with all our standard and procedures.

Private Hire

For those clients who would like to have their own transport 24hrs a day, they can buy this product and either drive themselves or hire a chauffer from us to drive them around. In all cases of a chauffer, he must be given a minimum of ten hours to rest and sleep with 8 hours of the time being a continuous period for sleeping.

This is very important for the safety of both the guest, and the driver, other motorists and the public at large.


To demonstrate our commitments in the transport industry we also agree to signing contracts for specific products required by our clients specifically if the use of the product is regular.

The major advantage for the client when signing a contract is that the client always get preferential treatment over non-contracted work because a contract binds NV Logistics to deliver the product no matter how stretched we may be at a particular time.

On the other hand we find that contract also enhance forward planning thereby guaranteeing availability of service. Even when some things ship on the customers side but because we are aware of their general requirements and it is our business compared to clients who have their major business to look after, we often provide that relief by being the first to remember because of the enhance relation through continuous courtesy calls we do remind our clients of some forgotten dates.

Keywords: Airport Transfers, Customer Service, Hotel, Logistics, transport