By: Ntlangani  11-11-2011
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NBS Enterprise Management Solutions

NBS’s enterprise solutions arise out a systemic utilization of data on existing conditions, information technologies and analytic reporting to solve complex business problems, achieve key objectives and more effectively manage a specific environment be it a service utility,  government or private operation.

We provide a provide a technology platform and market-leading analytic applications to help organizations to effectively manage today's challenges and bring forward tomorrow's opportunities.

NBS enterprise solutions include the following;

·     Enterprise wide Financial Management systems

·     Utility Revenue Management systems

·     Utility Prepayment Solutions

·     Customer Relationship Management Systems

·     Government Citizen Relationship Management systems

·     NBS has designed South Africa’s first All citizen Direct link to government called the SA citizen portal

Some the off-Shelf systems already out on market include :




The context of NBS’s enterprise solutions

South Africa Government and the corporate world are dealing with diverse issues, a wider range of regulations and ever increasing demand for government services. There has never been a greater need for proactive and evidence-based decisions.  NBS delivers in real time insights that are gleaned from data about citizens, customers, suppliers, operations, performance and more.

NBS solutions features

·     Solve complex business problems. 

·     Manage performance to achieve measurable business objectives. 

·     Drive sustainable growth through innovation. 

·     Anticipate and manage change. 

·     Predictive Analytics – Make proactive, forward-looking decisions that go beyond questions like "What happened?, "How many?" and "How often?" to answer high-impact questions like "What will happen next?" and "What is the best that can happen?" 

·     Flexible Reporting – Unlike end of quarter reporting systems, NBS delivers results by the hour and not months.

Keywords: Management Systems

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