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By: Nivo  11-11-2011


Register your garmin product, manage, unlock and download maps, download resources to your nuvi and much more.

nuMaps Guarantee

With Garmin's 60-day nuMaps Guarantee users may be eligible for a free Garmin City Navigator South Africa NT map upgrade IF they register their nuvi 2xxx or 37xx at

within 60 days of first acquiring a satellite fix and if there is a newer version of the City Navigator South Africa NT map data available for download. You will not be elegible for any free Garmin City Navigator South Africa NT map update if you wait longer than 60 days after first sattelite fix to register your nuvi. Note, due to the size of the South Africa map, any update download could be potentially large.

Garmin Communicator Plugin

The Garmin Communicator Plugin lets you connect your Garmin GPS with your favorite website. Once the plugin is installed, just connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer, and you're on your way. The Garmin Communicator can send and retrieve data from any supported website.

Garmin Garage

It's where you'll find a variety of vehicles to personalize your Garmin GPS. From dune buggies to dirt bikes, it's all here waiting for you to make it your own. And the fun doesn't stop there. We're always working on new vehicles in the Garmin Garage, so be sure to stop by often and see our latest and greatest rides. Download Garmin Voice Studio™ to create your own voices.