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By: Nft Quarries  11-11-2011
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NFT Quarries supply the full range of aggregates for the construction industry.

Dry Stone Aggregates

Roadstone and Concrete Stone
  • 450mm Gabion Stone
  • 75mm Fill Material
  • 37.5mm Base course & Sub-base
  • 26.5mm Stone
  • 19mm Stone
  • 19mm to 4.75mm Concrete Stone
  • 13.2mm to 4.75mm Roadstone
  • 13.2mm Clean Stone
  • 9mm Clean Stone
  • 6.7mm Clean Stone
  • 4.75mm Clean Stone
Dust Products
  • Agricultural lime
  • 19mm to Dust
  • 13.2mm to Dust
  • 9mm to Dust
  • 6.7mm to Dust
  • 4mm to Dust
  • 2mm to Dust
Road Pavement Materials
  • Shot rock as is
  • 450mm Boulders
  • 75mm Fill Material
  • 53mm Railway balast
  • 37.5mm Sub-base and 37.5mm Base-course
  • Crusher run: G1, G2, G3, G5 
  • 13.2mm Sub-base for gravel
  • Crusher dust for slurry seal
Filter Materials
  • A full range of filter materials is offered to suit all specifications.
  • Filter materials from 75mm to 2mm can be blended to comply with any specification requirements.
  • Blending is carried out on site as required thus avoiding any segregation or contamination.
  • Load sizes from as large as 30 tonnes too as small as _ tonne can be blended at the time of collection.

Coated Aggregates (Asphalt)

Dense Base Courses
Close Graded Surface Course
  • 6mm SMA (stone mastic asphalt)
  • 10mm SMA
  • 45% 10mm Asphalt Wearing Course
  • 55% 10mm Asphalt Wearing Course
  • 6mm Red Macadam
  • 10mm Red Macadam
  • 6mm Tennis Court Surface
  • Bituminous Sealing Grit

Walling Stone

Our high quality walling stone is naturally coloured from greys through to purples, reds and yellows. It is available as random hand-selected and machine-cut flat blocks, as well as rockery and paving grades.

  • Cropped Walling Stone
  • Random Walling Stone
  • 300mm Rockery Stone

Masonry Concrete Products:

iLima Concrete operates modern masonry concrete plants in 9 locations throughout the country offering:
  • Large and small delivered quantities
  • Quality assured masonry concrete products
  • Separate collection loading point
  • Sales to the trade and domestic market
  • High output capability

iLima Concrete can be contacted by telephone, fax, or email on Telephone: 043 685 2888, and by Facsimile: 086 604 4122, Web: , Email:

Keywords: Asphalt Wearing Course, GABION STONE, Stone, Walling Stone,