NXPowerLite file optimization products for desktop and server

By: Neuxpower Solutions  11-11-2011

NXPowerLite fixes file bloat – reducing PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF files by up to 95%*.

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Need to reduce server storage?

Bloated files require more storage, rack space, floor space, cables, switch ports, switches, power, cooling.. And that's the beginning.

NXPowerLite fixes file bloat, while maintaining visual content integrity – so you can reclaim server storage and save a lot of time and expense.

Works with:

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Compress Powerpoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF files with NXPowerLite Desktop Edition

Used by more than a million people worldwide, NXPowerLite Desktop Edition attacks file bloat at the core, compressing Powerpoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF files by up to 95%*. Files remain in their original format, retaining all their attributes and visual content integrity – they look and function identically to the originals, but are much smaller.


Reduce primary data storage with NXPowerLite for File Servers

Deduplication doesn't work well on primary storage – it can slow down system performance and lead to a much higher probability of undetected data corruption. Bloated files consume a large amount of your primary storage – and one of the worst file bloat offenders is Microsoft Office. NXPowerLite for File Servers attacks file bloat at the core, reducing Microsoft Office and JPEG file sizes by up to 95%*.


Download NXPowerLite Desktop Edition 5

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. Fully compatible with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft Office integration requires Office 2002-2010.