By: Netfusion  11-11-2011

    “Providing you secure piece of mind, Ensuring your privacy,

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Capture, Organize, and Share Your Notes Digitally-Anywhere, Anytime!

Mobile NoteTakerTM is the world's first and only truly portable  handwriting capture device that enables you to write in comfort on ordinary paper and then upload your handwritten notes and scketches to a PC. Using Mobile NoteTaker is simple: just attach plain paper of any kind and then start writing with the Digital Pen. Everything you write is captured. A built-in LCD confirms what you write is saved; meeting notes, lectures notes, sketches or any other information you need to save while away from your desk. The on-board flash memory can store up to 50 pages (A4 / Letter). Product Description

The Tablet NoteTaker turns PC’s and Laptops which work with Windows Vista™ to tablet PC compatible computers.

Tablet NoteTaker – enables it’s users to switch between “Writing-on-Paper-Mode”, by using the Tablet NoteTaker as regular ink ballpen, and “Pen-Tablet-Mode”, utilizing the pen’s hovering and mouse button functionality, to write directly into Windows Vista™ and Office® applications.

Tablet NoteTaker enables the user to:

· E-mail sketches or handwritten notes/memos in any language

· Insert sketches, signatures, equations and notes intoWORD™ documents

· Annotate, add comments, edit and draw in his/her own handwriting onto MicrosoftOffice system documents

·  Store and retrieve the handwritten notes, drawings and  sketches according to file name, date or any other criteria

Potential users

Presenters, consultants, designers, engineers, students, teachers, salesmen, technicians, Windows Vista™ and Office® 2007 users.

Once you are back at office / home, simply connect the "Mobile NoteTaker" to your PC / Notebook and the notes are transferred via USB cable into Pegasus NoteManager or MS OneNote? 2003. The "NoteManager" application allows you to store, edit, e-mail and organise your notes, sketches, maps. Add digital ink to Microsoft Office applications - Word, Outlook, Excel or Power Point to easily annotate, add drawings /  signatures or personalize e-mails. 

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