Netcover - Simply Smarter Insurance

By: Netcover  12-08-2011

This insurance covers a wide range of different business needs to include amongst others

  • Premises Cover
  • Machinery cover
  • Loss of Profits cover
  • Electronic Equipment cover
  • Public and Professional Liability cover
  • Vehicle Cover
  • All risk cover
  • Defective Workmanship cover
  • Glass Cover
  • Data cover

The needs of each business are specific and need to be determined and assessed by competent professional insurance brokers with the relevant business person.

This insurance is normally not done over the internet or by telephone but involves a face to face meeting and discussion.

Netcover offers its business service to a wide range of different businesses that include an example of existing clients' business types

  • Art galleries/Aluminium manufactures/Auto services/attorneys
  • Boutiques/Butcheries
  • Cell Phone Outlets/Contractors
  • Driving Schools/Dentists/Drilling concerns
  • Estate Agents/Engineering Companies/electricians
  • Farming
  • Garages
  • Health Companies/handyman businesses/Home based businesses
  • Irrigation Companies/IT companies
  • Jewellers
  • Key cutting
  • Locksmiths
  • Medical practitioners
  • Non Government organisations
  • Originating companies
  • Property management groups
  • Rental companies/ Roofing Companies
  • Schools/Supermarkets/Scrap Metal dealers
  • Tour Companies/Transport concerns/Trade Unions/taxi operators
  • U our next client
  • Vehicle part resellers
  • Waterproofing Companies
  • Yacht transport/Tourism