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By: Neology  11-11-2011

neoBILL – Neology Billing System (BSS)

An accurate, effective billing system is the lifeblood of a service provider, without which it is impossible to effectively manage customers and assure revenue.

Neology’s neoBILL solution is a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) based system which hooks into all aspects of the service providers’ OSS and BSS systems and supplies many of the services directly. It is used to provision services, generate invoices, manage customer support, contact details and provide customer self service.

A user friendly customer front end allows you to sell your products easily and efficiently. This user frontend can be fully branded to fit in with the look of your existing marketing material.

To view the user interface, go to, and log in with username “demo”, password “demo”.

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Not everyone knows how to properly and easily configure complex cache hierarchies, cache byte-range requests for Windows Update, and even cache the incachable such as, and combine it with advanced content filtering and prefetching. NeoPROV integrates with network elements to provide service based provisioning for Redlinea and Airspan WIMAX, DS2 based Broadband over Powerline and Cisco based MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN’s.


neology :: neoLNS

NeoLNS is scalable from enterprise customers with a limited user base to ISP customers that require termination of hundreds of thousands of PPP sessions. NeoLNS is a scaleable, clusterable, low-cost Layer II Tunneling Protocol Network Server. It is capable of terminating PPP sessions over L2TP tunnels in an ISP environment. Additional cluster units can be added to scale linearly as demand increases. NeoLNS – Neology L2TP Network Server.


neology :: neoMON

Plating, multiple data acquisition methods and user management features out of the box. NeoMON is a complete network graphing and SNMP polling solution. NeoMON provides a fast poller, advanced graph tem. NeoMON – Neology Monitoring System.