Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory – Misrepresentations & Fraudulent Activity – Fraudulent activity

By: Nelson Mandela  11-11-2011

There are a number of scams perpetrated in Nelson Mandela’s name, or in the name of one of his charity organisations.

These scams undermine the legacy of Nelson Mandela as well as the continued work of his charities.

Below are the scams that have been brought to the Foundation's attention.

The Foundation has been made aware that a new scam is doing the rounds, this time via SMS. Members of the public are urged to not be fooled.

It was recently brought to the attention of The Nelson Mandela Foundation that a new online scam is targeting members of the public.

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Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory – Dialogues - community conversations

January 10, 2011 – Following the outbreak of xenophobic violence in South Africa in 2008, the Nelson Mandela Foundation started a series of facilitated dialogues in those communities most affected, in an effort to build social cohesion and understanding between South Africans and foreign nationals.


Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory – Annual Lecture 2011

He is Professor of the International Chair Savoirs contre pauvreté at Collège de France, Paris and serves as Chair and Member of a number of advisory committees for academic, research, scientific and international institutions and civil society efforts.


Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory – Dialogues - social cohesion

These words, from a participant in the Nelson Mandela Foundation-supported community conversations on social cohesion, expressed the disappointment and shock that lay at the heart of the Leandra community after attempts by arsonists to burn the community hall participants had gathered in to discuss challenges their community face.


Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory – Dialogues - hiv aids

20 May, 2011– The Nelson Mandela Foundation, in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, calls on experienced non-governmental organisations capable of implementing community dialogues in all South African provinces to submit Expressions of Interest.