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By: Needcover  11-11-2011
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Whether it’s your business or the people you care for creating a financial plan will take care of you. We take your current positions and combine it with your needs as well as the things you want for your future and put a plan together. Everything starts with a plan.

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What is the difference between us and the direct companies whose fame is "cutting out the middle man" Why should you use us instead of all the direct companies “out” there. If you got a single need and wish to insure just your car or householders contents we can often not compete with them and do think they got wonderful systems and offer a great service. So why do us as independent advisors still have the biggest market if they are so good.

This is only my own opinion but I think it is because they are set up to assist hundreds of people at any one time where as brokers or advisors got a personal touch. You are on your own in dealing with them. They help you with taking the policy and then they help you with the claim. There system is very good and allows very little space for errors. You are either right or wrong which can land you in trouble at claim stage. Our companies is also strict and we cannot help you with claims that is not covered in terms of the policy but our experience could sometimes get a claim paid with the direct companies you would never get it through.

We act in the insurers as well as the client’s interest and when you deal with insurers direct it’s just you and them. I always tell my clients nine out of ten claims get paid without any problem but the tenth claim will have a problem. Insurance companies know this and it is for this reason their systems is set up in such a way that the claim that is a problem will be settled in their favour.

Example: Can you remember the exact detail of your conversation you had on the phone when you took the policy? You can’t but they can because it’s on a recording which belong to them and you could probably not listen to and which they can use in court to protect them. Bottom line is that if your claim is the tenth one I mentioned before you are going to lose.

We can unfortunately not handle masses of clients at any one time and it’s not what we are trying to do. If you like a personal touch and the opportunity to have all your insurance needs under one roof give us a chance to do an analysis for you.

We often see that people spend money on the best property’s cars and personal belongings and then they insure it on the cheapest insurance they can find. They same goes for other financial products and financial planning. If you save R 200.00 per month on a car premium on a car worth R 150 000 but you claim does not get paid how long will it take you to make up R 150 000 with R 200.00 per month.

Keywords: Financial Services, Income Protection, Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical Aid, Term Insurance