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By: Vander Diamonds  04-10-2012
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Target Market

Vander Diamonds primarily deal with the “high end” customer:

1.       These are people who want to invest money in a commodity that can only grow in value

2.       Individuals seeking  a loose diamond for engagement rings or for special jewellery designs

3.       Rough diamond jewellery has become increasingly popular.  “Every diamond is as unique in its natural form as every woman on earth.” It is not only beautiful but a very good investment.


All diamonds sold by Vander Diamonds are evaluated and certified under laboratory conditions. Listed below is some of the equipment on hand: 

-Electronic Polariscope

-Mini tube lamps mounted on the desks

-Rubber triplet loupes 10 x18 – David

-David locking tweezers/4 prong tweezers

-Fluorescent lamp

-Tanita and other scales



-Sorting tools and pads

-Moe gauge

- Scoops

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