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Liqui Moly from Monstermob Raceway

By: Monstermob Raceway  09-01-2010
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Liqui-Moly is one of Europe’s leading brands of high quality lubricants and oil & fuel additives. Founded in Germany over 50 years ago, Liqui-Moly pioneered the use of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2, a molecule with ultra low friction) for automotive applications. This development set the standard globally in low friction oil additives. Our breakthrough formulations are developed, tested and certified to the exacting standards you would expect of a leading German manufacturer.

Proven Effectiveness

Claims of performance are easy to make but rarely proven by TUV Certificationindependent evaluation. The German Technical Supervision Association (TUV) is one of the most respected testing centres in the world. TUV has thoroughly tested numerous Liqui-Moly products and the effectiveness has been verified and certified accordingly.

Wear and Tear

For every kilometre you drive you pay with a tiny piece of the engine through wear and tear and this is the major reason why we change our vehicle’s engine oil regularly.

Below Its Best

The colour of the oil that goes into your engine is not the same colour that is drained out during an oil change. This is a direct result of the wear caused by moving metal parts and the oxidation from the combustion cycle mixing with the lubricating oil. Combined with normal production line irregularities and longer intervals between engine servicing, this all adds up to an engine functioning below its best.

Ongoing Deterioration

Based on normal driving habits, an engines ‘sweet spot’ or optimum performance and efficiency, starts from the end of the run-in period (around 3,000 km’s) through to the engines first service (generally 10,000 to 15,000 km’s). After that period, engine wear and fuel contamination have occurred even if you don’t actually notice the deterioration.

With all these factors in play, you come to realise that there is always scope for improvement, even if the car is new or still being serviced by a dealer or workshop.

Keywords: Auto, bike, engine, racing