The VIP Toilet

By: Cemforce  11-11-2011
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A VIP (Ventilation Improved Pit) toilet is a more sophisticated form of sanitation than the ordinary pit latrine. It is both hygienic and inexpensive when properly designed, used and maintained.

Similar to the ordinary pit latrine, faeces and urine enters into a pit where a process of natural breakdown or digestion by bacteria occurs.

An external ventilation pipe draws air through the toilet when the wind blows to keep it free of odours. Since odours are generally absent, flies and other insects are not attracted to the pit.

Usually the VIP is built over an open pit, dug in the ground, but in areas with unstable soil conditions a 250mm or 500mm collar is used to prevent the soil from collapsing and surface water from entering the pit.

What Makes the Easy Loo VIP Different to Other VIP Toilets?

  • Very quick and easy to build (takes less than 10 minutes to build)
  • Only local labour (including women) is used for construction
  • No expensive tools or cranes needed for construction
  • Ideal for remote rural areas where accessibility is a problem
  • Ideal for areas with limited or no running water
  • Ideal for urban and peri-urban areas with large numbers of people
  • The only system with production capacity of in excess of 200 per day
  • Toilet can be moved when the pit is full
  • Conforms to SANS 10365-1: 2003 specifications


Keywords: toilet

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Products - products

The Cemforce Easy Loo systems consist of lightweight precast Glass Reinforced Concrete panels that are fixed together to form a toilet structure. Since the introduction of the product in 1997, more than 100 000 toilets have been installed throughout Southern Africa. Cemforce Easy Loo is one of the best toilet structures available to address the sanitation needs of Southern Africa. The panels are factory-made and transported to site.


VIP - Technical Specifications

The CEMFORCE EasyLoo VIP Toilet is constructed by installing a toilet superstructure with a floor slab over an unlined, partly or completely lined pit.


The Urine Diversion Toilet

Hygienically acceptableNo water requiredFaeces are easily collected and removed, resulting in very low operating costNo expensive treatment of sewage requiredComposted faeces are excellent soil conditionersDiverted urine is a very good plant fertiliserLess environmental pollution.


Technical Specifications

The door, made from 1,2 mm thick galvanised steel measures 1 120 mm x 1 800 mm high.The pitThe pit is constructed from the same GRC panels as the superstructure, measuring 500 mm wide x 1 215 mm long x 600 mm deep, but the joints between the panels are sealed with a bitu-sealer to prevent water from entering the pit.


Toilet for Physical Disabled

It has monkey chain support that renders support to a left or right-handed person.More than 2000 of these toilets have been assembled in some of the most inaccessible areas of Southern Africa.Instructions on the use of the toilet and the maintenance thereof are printed in colour and in the home language of the user. Cemforce assists persons with physical disabilities to be independent in a dignified manner.