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By: Natural Vibrance  11-11-2011
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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by a competent health care professional. You should not use this information in
diagnosing or treating a health problem. No claim or opinion in this page/website is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. If you are taking any drugs (prescribed or not),
or have a medical condition, please consult a physician or health care professional, who is aware of herb/drug interactions before taking any herbal or natural supplements.
Vibrant Health uses 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible with whole food concentrates for maximum absorbability and efficacy. There is full label disclosure (no hidden
ingredients or grouped blends), it is dairy & gluten free, it contains no additives, preservatives, artificial flavourants, colourants or anything else unless it directly or indirectly benefits your health.

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Keywords: Certified Organic Ingredients, Full Label, Health Care, Health Problem, Medical Advice, Organic Ingredients, Whole Food Concentrates,

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Glycemic Vibrance HVibrant Cleanse, Cholesterol Blocker, Maximized Curcuminoids, Life Preserver, Rainbow Vibrance,Super Natural C, Super Natural E, Vitamin D3- 2000 i.u & 4000 i.u. Green Vibrance, Field of Greens, Green Vibrance Junior, Green Calcium, Pure Green Protein Joint Vibrance.


Green Vibrance - Natural Vibrance

Tamarind juice powder is reduced from 200 to 100 mg.• Certified organic Dandelion is reduced from 100 to 50 mg.• Dandelion root extract 4:1 is reduced from 100 to 50 mg.• Gentian root extract 4:1 is reduced from 25 to 15 mg. Wheat grass juice powder increases from 670 to 990 mg per serving.Kamut grass juice powder decreases from 400 to 80 mg per serving.The source of policosanol changes from rice bran wax to sugar cane wax.


Green Vibrance Junior - Natural Vibrance

GV Junior is intended to not only fill in the gaps of a child’s often biased and randomly selected diet, but also to provide essential key nutrients required for full and healthful growth. For children 9 to 12 years, mix one scoop of Green Vibrance Junior into 250ml of fruit juice, or other beverage such as Rice Milk or Swiss Dream.