By: Natural Medicines  11-11-2011
Keywords: Stress

In the present jet age, several men and women complain of decline in sexual performance all over the world - Stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, are the major culprits. The physiological factors like ageing, cylic changes, less hormone production etc. add to problem.

This recipe contains carefully chosen potent and safe herbs to relieve stress, increase stamina, improve desire, increase semen production, stimulate reproductive organs, prevent premature ejaculation etc. Continuous use of LOVEMAX by men and women, improves the quality of love life in all age groups.


1-2 Capsules twice a day with milk / water after meals or as directed by the physician.

Keywords: Stress

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Animals are close to our hearts and we stock many products for their benefit such as vitamins, shampoo's, joint health products and lovely healthy dog treats. Remember all vegetarians need to know about the proteins provided by these foods. South Africa's first exclusive range of organic baby skin care products. Herbal teas are used for calming and sleeping or just a general detox. Which have beneficial effects on certain tissues and organs.



The stress induced problems are loss of memory, hair falling, loss in work efficiency, premenstrual tension, menopausal stress and poor sexual performance. The very competitive life style imposes extra burden on the brain cells resulting in conditions of stress and various physiological disorders. Mental stress and hypertension are the most talked about medical problems among the doctors and even in general public.



Suspended particulate matters, gaseous toxins, allergens in the air are the main cause of environmental pollution, which induce chronic obstructive lung disease in adults and children. Highly toxic gas molecules can lead to frequent or persistent cold, running nose, nasal block, throat irritation, wheezing and difficulty in breathing.



The most common causative factors for piles are chronic constipation, after or during pregnancy, overweight, ageing, people lifting heavy weights, and disease affecting blood circulation. Haemorrhoids are a enlarged and engorged blood vessels in ano-rectal region & associated with itching, inflammation, pain, bleeding & chronic constipation in affected area.



Due to some of the reasons like lack of exercise, stress, chronic illness, poor nutrition, sedentary life style, structural deformity, inflammation etc, more than 50% women suffer from abnormal symptoms. The symptoms appear before menstruation and are collectively called pre menstrual syndrome and persist post menstrually due to serious uterine disorders.