By: National Registry  11-11-2011

    a. Bulk Search for data

    The bulk search for data, involves taking each of a client`s suppliers from their list and matching them to the comprehensive National Registry database. The required data is then provided to the client in the form of a report or excel export.

    b. Existing data

    The existing data allows the client access to rich accurate primary and secondary data of client`s suppliers on the National Registry database. This is data that has already been collected and maintained. In the event of a document expiring, the supplier is notified of the pending expiration date.

    c. Registration of suppliers

    This allows the client to register their new suppliers. Should the supplier not already exist on the database, the National Registry will then contact the supplier on behalf of the client in order to verify all the primary and / or secondary data.

    d. Cleaning of data

    The National Registry profiles the data supplied by the client, highlighting areas that need to be attended to. An activity plan is developed and implemented to manage the project. The client is kept up to date by means of progress reports and feedback sessions. The call centre can be assigned to collect primary and secondary data as required by the client.
Should an entity wish to achieve the complete solution, it would be necessary for the above services to be followed. The bulk search leads to an entity having access to the existing data. The registration of new suppliers as well as the cleaning of data allows the client to have accurate data.

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