MVM Africa

By: Mvm Africa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Energy Management, Lighting Installations

Reticulation Installation

Township / Estate reticulation
(132kV, 33kV, 22kV, 11kV, 400V, 230V.)
· Underground
· Overhead

· Capacities from 5MVA-200MVA
· Voltages from 11kV to 132kV.

Industrial Park bulk services
(Light Industrial load mixing-design and specification)

Transmission lines:
High Mast Lighting Installations 11kV-132kV 
Street Lighting Installations
Flood Lighting Installations

Services Installations

Building Reticulation systems
Commercial / Government / Office Parks.

Emergency Power Installations

Power Generator Installations
Standby / Primary supply

Energy Audits / Management

Certified Energy Management Audits / Projects:
· International M&V Protocol
· Energy Optimization in Residential,Commercial, Industrial and Mining Sectors
· Energy performance evaluations-all sectors
· PF correction & Load Management
· Load Clipping / Shifting projects (Industry and Minig)
· Lighting retrofit specification.
· HVAC optimization
· Day light harvesting
· Occupancy sensing/light control.
· Evaluation of new Energy Saving Initiatives in consultation with various Universities in SA.

Green Development Work

  · Incorporation of Renewable Energy sources in designs
· Energy efficient designs
· Designs respecting the Carbon Footprint

Keywords: Energy Management, Lighting Installations