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By: Music Exchange  11-11-2011
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Musiekkonferensie Baat Vele Musikante

Marian Malan, Die Burger, 27 March 2009

Cape Town, 27th March 2009


How to get promoted, publicised in the music industry

By: Sindy Peters

Cape Town, 21st March 2009

Not Just About The Music

Cape Town, 23rd March 2009

Writing the song's the easy part. How do you get it out there? Should you just give it away since most people are going to steal it anyway? Why won’t the radio stations play it? Can a record company really help, or will they just screw you? Is your image more important than the message? Is writing about music, like Elvis Costello said, actually like dancing about architecture? And, with the industry going to hell, is it really a good time to quit the day job?

Music Exchange 2009 fires up

By: Sindy Peters

Cape Town, 20th March 2009


Cape Town, 15th March 2009

Another big name has joined the Music Exchange conference — Gavin Rajah.

He has agreed to deliver opening welcome to Music Exchange prior to Stuart Rubin's keynote speech on Thursday 19 March 2009 at 9.45am.


Evan Milton, The Good Weekend Argus, 14 March 2009

Cape Town, 15th March 2009

It's all about the music

Cape Town, 7th March 2009

What do Pink, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews, Dido, Puff Daddy and Foo Fighters have in common?

Not much, you might think. But all have had their international success overseen by one man - Stuart Rubin. Hardly a household name but the former Senior Vice President International - Commercial Marketing Group for Sony BMG has helped push the careers of more artists than even his long job title may suggest. From Guns N' Roses and Nirvana to Cher and Kenny G, during 30 years in the music industry, he's helped build their global careers.


If you don't recognise names like Elvis Presley, Seether, Jet, Danko Jones, Enrique Iglesias, Dead can Dance, Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse, Ben Lee, Lisa Gerrard, Rodriguez, Metallica and Westlife then you probably shouldn't read any further as we can't help you. If any of these names ring a bell you should already have purchased a ticket for Music Exchange, to be held in Cape Town on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 March.

Music Exchange will give all attendees the unique opportunity of being able to meet, talk to, ask questions of, and even get one on one time with 23 local and international music industry experts.

Q:- Which internationally acclaimed bands have you worked with?

    We'll also give you the practical tools, direct contacts and advice you'll need to do what some of these people have done. They are here for the sole purpose of enhancing your career by giving of their time and experience.

    Q:- Of which achievement are you most proud?

      Music Exchange R900 for the two days!

      So book now on and we hope to see everyone there!! And read more on

      Cape Argus Tonight, 12 February 2009

      What you will get out of attending the
      Music Exchange conference

      Cape Town, 1st February 2009

      Exciting times are ahead with Music Exchange fast approaching. So you want to know what you will get for your money when attending the conference… well where do we begin!?

      • All delegates will be given a chance to submit a demo recording of their works and this WILL be listened to by some of the top guys in the music industry. A select few will be given the chance to perform in a showcase evening where everyone involved in the conference will be!
      • All delegates can book time with panelists and keynote speakers for one on one chats…. You may even personally hand them your demo if this is what you’d prefer to do! They are making themselves available to you!

      Anyone can read a text book and attempt to understand certain elements of the music industry, but sometimes it helps to hear it from the horse’s mouth so that we can get a more in-depth understanding. The panelists and speakers all know their stuff backwards – many have been in the music industry for decades - all speak with authority. This isn’t a university lecture hall where texts are recited; this is an interactive conference where everyone shares their experiences, advice and knowledge – it’s a two-way stream where delegates can ask, debate, question and comment on elements that form the complete industry. No bullshit, just fact!

      We also live in a day and age where the answer is to work for ourselves and make our own money… this conference will bring out the entrepreneur in you… Many people don’t love what they do in their careers and we see that you have a passion for music so why the hell can’t you make a career out of it… but you need the tools and this is what Music Exchange will give you!!

      South Africa has world class talent and we need to get more bands onto international stages and it is possible… in the words of Obama “Yes we can!” For the same price as a heavy weekend's jolling, this could seriously be the best R900 you’ll ever spend!

      Music Exchange is an investment in YOUR OWN future!”


      Cape Town, 2 December 2008: Music Exchange is a two-day conference where seasoned professionals will impart their knowledge on the industry, giving know-how and empowering delegates on how to make a living out of their passion for music. Music Exchange will be held at Protea Hotel Victoria Junction, Cape Town on 19 and 20 March 2009.

      Business savvy is more crucial today than ever before and the conference offers a survival kit for this highly competitive industry.

      Over a dozen keynote speakers and panelists have proffered their services to the conference, including Stuart Rubin former Senior Vice President International - Commercial Marketing for Sony/BMG Music Entertainment, and Peter Theunissen, CEO, Cape Music Industry Commission. Topics to be discussed include contracts, distribution methods, publishing and promotion, whilst topics on rights and royalties will be delved into - all of which are essential elements in fast tracking to success. A highlight for delegates is the opportunity to book a slot with the speakers and panelists who have committed themselves to share personal and invaluable advice at breakaway sessions. More keynote speakers will be announced in weeks to come.

      Headed up by music industry professionals, Martin Myers a long-standing industry publicist, and Peter Lacey, MD of Musketeer Records (Seether’s record label in South Africa), with the guidance of strategic communications consultants Total Media, the conference aims to give musicians an insight into the workings of the music business in South Africa as well as an opportunity to ask hard-hitting questions of knowledgeable industry professionals.

      “We want to open the doors for delegates to meet experienced professionals, deliver a lot of answers and shed light on the challenges faced by musicians involved in, or thinking of entering the music industry today” commented Myers. “We are confident that delegates will walk away with powerful and practical knowledge that they can use as a platform to great things for their careers as well as the business of music in South Africa.”

      Delegates are encouraged to submit a demo with their registration and 4 bands/ performing artists will be handpicked by the experts and invited to perform live at a showcase evening in front of the who’s who in the industry.

      Attending this conference is a priceless investment into the career of those involved in many capacities in the music industry, not to mention a fabulous Christmas present!

      The conference fee is R900 for both days.

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