Where to go from here?

Where to go from here? from Counselling- Dr Nadine Dunn

By: Counselling- Dr Nadine Dunn  09-17-2014
Keywords: Personal Development, Counselling

People sometimes get stuck. Should I or shouldn't I do this or that? What is keeping me back from doing what I know I should be doing? Do you want to move ahead? Or do you need confirmation that you are where you are supposed to be? Come and try out the Mari. This one session could help you answer your questions. The Mari (Mandala assessment research instrument) uses symbols and colours to help you make the connections you need to make to answer the questions. How it works: Symbols predate culture and language. They are so much a part of us that we make mental connections with them that are not often conscious. An upward pointing triangle, for example, is typically chosen by people who are beginning something new- literally or symbolically. During the Mari session, the client is instructed to pick different symbols and then to match a colour to each symbol. Connections between colour and the psychological associations are typically made on an "other" than conscious level. These colours add dimensions that may be emotional, physical, cognitive or spiritual to the chosen symbols. Mari gives the client a visual indication of where he/she is in their lives with regards to certain process as we move through different stages.

Keywords: Counselling, Personal Development

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