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By: Brick Ply-boards  11-11-2011
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Brick Plyboards specializes in producing Plywood Brick Production Pallets (also referred to as skid boards) for the cement brick making industry in Southern Africa.

Our specialist brick production pallets with pavers on.


Standard pallet sizes produced:

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
18 400 485
18 485 600
21 530 608
21 485 700
36 500 900
36 750 900
36 760 760
36 760 840
36 970 1400
42 700 1200
42 760 1400
42 840 1400
42 970 1400


The pallets are essentially a very strong flat board that is used in the production process of the bricks. The board is placed in the brick making machine and the bricks are pressed on top of the board. The board with the bricks is then conveyed to the yard or curing chamber where curing takes place. The following day the bricks are removed from the pallet and the board is again used to produce bricks.

In order for this board to perform well it needs to be:

  • Stable at varying moisture levels
  • Long lasting
  • Light enough to be easily handled
  • Strong enough to prevent flexing

Plywood conforms admirably to these requirements.

Due to it's cross ply construction, plywood is dimensionally very stable ie. It grows or contracts in length or width very little with varying moisture levels. This characteristic also prevents buckling.

In practice plywood has significantly outlasted ordinary timber

Finishing detail.

Plywood weighs 600kg per cubic metre which means that most board sizes are easily handled by one person.

The plywood pallet we produce is a 'solid whole' and has no 'weak points' in it. This ensures that no hairline cracks develop in bricks due to flexing of the pallet at 'weak points'.

All our Ply-Boards are also carefully finished off with trimmed edges and treated for a longer lasting product.


Only the best quality plywood locally produced is used in the production of our Brick production pallets. We do not use imported plywood as only the local manufacturer is able to guarantee the boards to our satisfaction. This is both in terms of glue line integrity and timber density. When you buy from us, you have the backing of both ourselves and the plywood manufacturer.

Various stacks of Ply-Boards ready for delivery.

The price of plywood relative to solid wood has come down over the past few years. This is probably due to the substantial demand of solid wood from the construction industry and the importation of plywood. The one factor has pushed the price of solid wood up and the other has kept the price of plywood from rising too quickly. The result of this is that plywood pallets have become far more competitively priced. When one considers that they last far longer than solid wood pallets, now is an ideal time to invest in plywood Brick Production Pallets.

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