By: Orbit Wood and Shavings  10-19-2009
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The "Pine Wood Shavings" we manufacture are of the highest quality and packaged in plastic square bale bags which are heat-sealed, palletized and pallet-warpped.


Packaging Specifications:

600mm (Length)

370mm (Width)

400mm (Height)

25 kilograms (Weight)

130 microns (Plastic Thickness)


We have a constant, reliable supply of our product all year round, 365 days a year!

Our Shavings are specifically manufactured and suitable for bedding of Chicken farms, Horse stables, Poultry, Hydroponic, Horticulture etc. We will deliver at the customer’s premises or you’re welcome to come and pick it up at our manufacturing site; we're based in Standerton, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Product Description:
Pine shavings are an all-natural choice used as bedding for chicken farms, horse stables and poultry farms to keep the animals dry and comfortable. The absorbent wood makes clean-up easy and helps to keep them healthier.


Product Specifications:

Free of Salmonella, Aspergillus or any other disease.

Free of any foreign objects like bark, sticks or metal objects.

Shavings are compressed (ratio 1:2 Structural integrity is kept and have no effect on the fluffiness of the shavings when spread).

Every Shavings Bale weighs exactly the same.

Bales are palletized and pallet wrapped, making it more effective to load and offload, saving time.

Bales ensure optimal usage of space and weight when loaded on an Interlink delivery truck. This also makes it’s easy to store, since the bales are square they may be stacked onto each other as high as needed and use up little space compared to other types of shaving bags.

We always have emergency stock in hand should the need arise.

Bales are heat-sealed, meaning no staples, wires or cable ties are used to seal the bales. This makes it save for the farmer to feed the used shavings mixed with the chicken manure at the end of the cycle to cattle or other farm animals.

We can deliver within 24 hours if the need arise!



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