By: Orbit Wood and Shavings  07-04-2012
Keywords: Eco Friendly, Fire Logs, Compressed Fire Logs

A Firelog is a manufactured log constructed to be used asECO-wood fuel. Firelogs are designed to be inexpensive, while being easier toignite, and burn longer, and more efficiently than firewood. Firelogs aretraditionally manufactured using two methods. The first uses only compressedsawdust and the second uses sawdust and paraffin, which is mixed and extrudedinto a log shape.

These Firelogs burn with virtually zero sulfur emissionsand are therefore highly ECO-FRIENDLY!

Energy content comparison:

Firewood                                6400BTU/lb        14.9 MJ/kg

Extruded Firelog                  1500BTU/lb        3.4 MJ/kg

Compressed Firelog            8500BTU/lb        19.8 MJ/kg

The benefits of using FIRELOGS instead of wood,briquettes, coal, anthracite etc. is clearly evident.

Keywords: Compressed Fire Logs, Eco Friendly, Eco Friendly Fire Logs, Fire Logs,

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