Polygraph Tests


Keywords: lie detection, Truth Verification, Forensic Investigation

We offer the following services to both Corporate and Individual clients: • Pre- employment testing These tests are related to the honesty and integrity of an applicant for the purpose of employment. It gives the employer the opportunity to get to know more about the potential candidate and offer an employer the opportunity to identify a potential candidate with a high level of integrity. It further reduces the chances of employing a candidate that may pose a security and financial risk to the employer and its employees. • Specific incident testing These tests are related to a specific incident and are mostly applied in criminal and departmental related incidents, such as theft, fraud, corruption, industrial espionage, assault, murder, rape, robbery, hi jacking, breach of company policy etc. Specific incident testing is a valuable investigation tool to distinguish between truthful and deceptive individuals. It can also reveal investigation leads as well as knowledge about the location of evidence. • Truth verification testing (Statements) Truth verification testing involves verifying statements made by witnesses, suspects or employees. For example: Victim/suspect statements, insurance claims, incident reports (security guards) etc. • Periodic testing These tests relate to routine or random tests to verify whether or not an employee or group of employees have been involved in any illegal, non procedural or unethical activities at their place of employment that could be harmful to the company or organization.

Keywords: Corporate Investigations, Forensic Investigation, lie detection, Polygraph Testing, Truth Verification