(Wheel type) High-Vacuum Transformer oil purifiers, oil purification system,oil regeneration

By: S.A Kudo oil purifier Company  11-04-2010
Keywords: Transformer Oil Purifier, transformer oil purifiation system, transformer oil recycling machine,

 Contact:Ms.laura  Email/MSN: [email protected] .[email protected]@zhongnengcq.cnMobile:0086-13193045594Skype ID: laura1918 Yahoo Messenger ID: purifier_cqznhttp://purifiercq.diytrade.comHttp://purifiercq.bossgoo.comwww. zhongnengcq.cn APPLICATION:It is suitable for the transformer (oil)station above 110KV, It is very suitable for power distribution system, power grid and various companies which need to install and maintain oil-immersed transformers. Besides the regular transformer oil purification, this machine can be also used as vacuum oil injecting and vacuum drying equipment for transformers, and it is cost-effective, easy to operate. ADVANTAGE:Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier, this machine dewaters, degases and removes the impurities(hydrocarbons, impurities acidic components, suspended matter, sediment, etc.) more quickly, more completely, and improves the oil breakdown voltage much higher to 75 KV. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system, it is used for filtrating system as well as an independent vacuum power supply to vacuum oiling of power equipment. Features:1. Double-stage vacuum system, strong power of vacuum evacuating, ultimate vacuum value = 5Pa2. Two vacuum separating chambers, efficient oil film sprayer, increasing separating size and separating time to ensure the dry-level and dielectric strength improving greatly.3. Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, combined with unique and advanced dewatering, degassing components, can rapidly and effectively separate water, gas from oil.4. Multi-stage precision filtration system, mesh filtration combined with molecular adsorption technologies5. Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.6. Double-infrared liquid level sensor, pressure protective system to ensure machine operation easy and safely.OPTIONAL CHOICES 1. Available in mobile option (immovable option and trailer, etc)2. Oil purifier can be made in ( hermetical, canopy-covering, open and frame style, etc)3. Color of the oil purifier (can follow customer's favor.)4. Available in installing PLC controller for making machine operation Fully-automatically5. Equipped with Explosion Proof Materials when the machine is used in hazardous areas is optional

Keywords: transformer oil purifiation system, Transformer Oil Purifier, transformer oil recycling machine,

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