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By: Must  11-11-2011
Keywords: toilet paper

Our Garage Rolls and Tidy (Barrel) Rolls are available to the public as well as wholesale customers:
We have the following sizes available:

Garage Rolls
Garage / Jumbo Roll 165mm
Garage / Jumbo Roll 170mm
Garage / Jumbo Roll 200mm
Garage / Jumbo Roll 270mm

Tidy / Barrel Rolls
Tidy / Barrel roll 240M x 360mm (4 / Pack)
Tidy / Barrel roll 140M x 200mm(6 / pack) IP
Tidy / Barrel roll 200M x 200mm (6 / pack) OP

Giant Toilet Paper
10 Pack Giant Toilet Roll 550M x 100mm
8 Pack Giant Toilet Roll 550M x 100mm

Keywords: toilet paper