Environmental Management Plans

By: Henwood Environmental Solutions  11-11-2013
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Environmental Management Plans If every construction project went ahead, and no time was given to the process of understanding the impact of such activities, our surroundings would very quickly start to look like nothing other than a large scale dump. As with much that one encounters while investigating environmental impacts, the core issue is about safe and sustainable use of resources in the face of the continually expanding demands we human beings place on our environments. Building projects are inherently messy affairs and tend to be more than a little destructive of the environment in which they are created, even though the intention is of course to build an environment, not to destroy anything. There is of course legislation in place to govern the environmental responsibility of developers and their workers, but laws without people who love them seldom do much. There are companies working in the environmental impact assessment field whose people will tell you that what building workers, architects, contractors and site owners could all do with is some sound education and background, the training in and culture of environmental awareness that would make the difference between sites that become eyesores or even hazardous and sites that make an active positive contribution to the natural beauty of the area in which they are located. The solution it seems, much like the problem, is all about people. What people know affects how people feel and in turn that affects how people behave. If the human element involved in producing new buildings could be shown that with some relatively simple guidelines, with basic respect for the views and living systems around their project the destructive element of their activitires can be rendered negligible. A development can even become a positive contributor to both the aesthetics of a locality and the micro climates and life processes present before and after the work is done. This requires structure and and orderly approach. An Environmental Management Plan in other words. Formally subscribing to a schedule of employee education and the adoption of sound environmental practises under the supervision of an outside firm specialising in Environmental Solutions is the practical and wise choice for companies keen to be more than a flash in the pan. Professional developers need services like this. An Environmental Management Plan is, at it's core, about good habits. We all know the stereotype of the workmen who don't care about the nearby stream, or the precious vegetation their dumpimg activities or cement mixing or digging tends to destroy. Perhaps it is possible to correct both the negative stereotype and the less than useful practises of the construction industry.

Keywords: environmental, Management, Plans

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