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Acidosis  R119.70                          Anti-acid 180g  R79.80                              Anti Allergy  R119.70 
Argentum sol. 30ml  R59.85          Argentum 200ml  R102.60                        Argentum 500ml   R245.00 
Argentum sinus spray 30ml)  R59.85 
Argentum with capsicum 200ml (Candida infection, phlem, Bronchitis)  R153.90 
Argentum with capsicum 500ml (Candida infection, phlem, Bronchitis)  R262.20 
Argentum gel / jelly 30ml (500p/p/mil)  R153.90                                          Aromaticum (90) 1 month  R94.00 
Aromaticum (150) 1½ month  R136.80                                                         Body detox (28) 7 - 14 days  R54.70 
Body detox (60)  R97.47                                                                                 Body detox (120)  R171.00 
Bronchial eze herbal drops  R136.80                                                            Cardio drops  R119.70 
Colon activater powder 250ml  R102.60                
Colon activater powder 450ml  R155.00                                                     Colon activater capsules (120)  R171.00 
De- stress bath salts 450g (84 trace minerals & aromatheropy oils)  R68.40 
De- stress tabs (60)  R114.00                                                                        Detox bath salts 900g  R68.40 
Detox bath salts 5kg  R120.00                                                                       Digestive enzymes (90)  
Energy water (200ml)  R45.00                                                                        
energy water  (500ml)  R80.00                                                                       Energy water (1liter)  R114.05 
Flaxseed organic capsules (90)  R114.00                                                    Flaxseed oil 250ml  R57.00 
Flaxseed oil 500ml  R114.00                                                         Glucomannan (60) Stabilizers blood sugar  R81.51  Glutamine 200g  R134.50                                                                      Ground flaxseed 500g container  R76.95  Grean tea CLA 90 caps                                                                                  Green tea 120 caps  R256.50 
Herbal drops  R100.00                                                                                   Herbal cough syrup 200ml  R68.40  Herbal cough syrup 500ml  R136.80                                                                  Inflamma rub  R119.70 
Insu-resist (60)  R142.50                                                                                      Insu-resist drops  R119.70 
Joint support (120) R136.80                                    Liquid fatburner 500ml (berry, pineappel, cherry) R141.93 Liver detox (60) R96.90                                                                                             Liver detox (120) R142.50 
Liver detox oil R51.30                                                                 Liver salts and oil (not a liver detos R51.30 Maitake R119.70                                                     Olive Leave (30) Immune booster with zink & vit C R61.55 Olive Leave (90) Immune booster with zink & vit C R142.50
Olive Leave (200) Immune booster with zink & vit C R256.50
Oxygen drops H202 11% foodgrade (50ml) R57.00
Oxygen drops H202 11% foodgrade (100ml) R80.00
Para detox Herbal drops  R119.70                                                             Pink salt sole 150ml Glass jar R57.00
Pink salt coarse / fine 250g R57.00                                                         Pink salt coarse / fine 1kg R136.80 Protogen Advance Anti oxidant R85.50                                                     Rafaa 250ml R135.00
Rafaa 500ml R133.40                                                                                     Rafaa 1 L R197.50 Reishi R119.70
Salmon oil R111.15                                                                                        Shitake R119.70
Silver Clay 100 ml R136.80                                                                            Silver Clay 200 ml R171.00 
Sulphur C 100gr R114.00                                                                                 Sulphur C 180gr R205.20    

ADULT IMMUNE BOOSTING PACKAGE   Argentum & capsicum 200ml, Rafaa 250ml, Immune booster drops,  R   442.90 Herbal cough syrup 200 ml, GRATIS: Sinus spray  
CANDIDA PACKAGE - SMALL   Olive Leaf (90), Rafaa 250ml, Argentum Solution 200ml,   R   341.15 Oxygen drops (50ml)  
COLON CLEANSING PACKAGE - CONSTIPATION    Colon activator 250ml, Ground flaxseed 500g, Rafaa 250ml,    R   280.44 GRATIS: Body Detox (28)  
COLON CLEANSING PACKAGE - NORMAL     Colon cleanse drops, Ground flaxseed 500g, Rafaa 250ml,    R   297.54 GRATIS: Liver Detox (30)  
COLON CLEANSING PACKAGE - SLIM   Slimming caps (40), Green tea caps (40) Body detox caps (60),  R598.50  colon activator powder 250ml, Oxygen drops 100ml FREE Energy water 200ml  
DETOX PACKAGE - SMALL   Aromaticum (90), Body Detox (28), Rafaa 250ml,   R   249.66 GRATIS: Detox Bath Salt 450g  
DETOX, SPASTIC COLON, CANDIDA, CHOLESTEROL PACKAGE - 4-6 WEEKS Aromaticum (150), Body Detox (28), Rafaa 250ml, Digestive Relief drops, Flaxseed oil 250ml, H2O2 50ml, Argentum 200ml, Ground flaxseed 500g  R   663.50 Energy Water 200ml
FAMILY IMMUNE BOOSTING PACKAGE   Aromaticum (150), Rafaa 500ml, Olive leaf (200),   R   549.60 GRATIS: Argentum Solution 30ml  
INSU RESIST   Glucomanan (60), Insu Resist drops, Energy Water 200ml,  R   245.10 GRATIS: Rafaa 250ml   INSU RESIST SLIM   Slimming caps (40), Green tea caps (40) Insu resist drops 50 ml,  R599.85  Insu resist caps (60, Oxygen 100 ml, FREE Energy water 200 ml  
KIDDIES IMMUNE BOOSTING PACKAGE   Argentum 200ml, Rafaa 250ml, Bronchial eze herbal drops,   R   442.90 Herbal cough syrup (200ml), GRATIS: Argentum drops  
LIVER, KIDNEY AND GALBLADDER FLUSH PACKAGE - SMALL   Liver Detox(30), Sulphur C 100g, Detox Oil 125 ml, Protogen Advance(30)  R   295.86 Liver salts, GRATIS: Colander  
LIVER, KIDNEY AND GALBLADDER DETOX PACKAGE - SMALL   Liver Detox(60), Sulphur C 100g, Protogen Advance(60)  R   299.25 GRATIS: Body Detox (28)  
MINI DETOX PACKAGE - 3 WEEKS   Rafaa 250ml, Flaxseed Oil 250ml, Body detox (28), Aromaticum (90),  R   412.70 Sulphur C 100g  
OSTEOARTHRITIS - GOUT   Joint Support (90), Rafaa 250ml, Sulphur C 100g, Anti - Acid 180g,  R   400.15 GRATIS: Pink Salt Fine 250g  
OXYGEN PACKAGE   Rafaa 500ml, Energy water 500ml, Oxygen 100ml.  R200.00     
PARA DETOX PACKAGE: 2 WEKE   7 X Para detox Herbal Drops  R   838.00
SINUS PACKAGE 3 WEEKS - MINI   Aromaticum (90), Rafaa 250ml, Olive leave (30),  R256.50 GRATIS: Argentum sinus drops 30ml  
SINUS PACKAGE 3 WEEKS - LARGE   Aromaticum (150), Rafaa 500ml, Olive leave (200),   R   526.70     SLIMMING PACKAGE   Body Detox (28), Aromaticum (150), Liver or protogen advance,   R   539.25 Ground Flaxseed 500g, glucomannan (60), Liquid fatburner 500ml  
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Keywords: Body Detox, Health Products


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