Labour Relations

By: HR City  03-07-2011
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Why a paralegal division?
The cornerstone of the HR City group of companies is certainly Personnel Management Services (PMS), not only because it was established first, but also due to the type of service rendered, namely consultancy work.
This is the area in which most employers require assistance because it is a highly specialised field.
Very often, and this has proven itself repeatedly, a pure legalistic approach and background is not sufficient to be successful.
Practical experience is a crucial element in this field.
The consultants are all paralegal experts in labour law, with years of hands-on experience.

The CEO and Manager, Mr. van der Merwe and Mrs. de Bruin, not only have in excess of 20 years experience between them, but also completed the CCMA Commissioners course succesfully. They are jointly servicing and representing our clients where more serious and complex cases occur.
The Senior Consultant, Miss Wolvaardt, as well as another Consultant, Mr. Mlotshwa takes care of the day to day disciplinary matters whilst gaining experience.

You can be assured of excellent knowledge on all labour-related matters, including disciplinary codes, procedures, contracts and dispute resolutions internally and in the CCMA/Bargaining Councils.
With the implementation of the new Labour Relations Act in 1995, it became evident that employers will need assistance to ensure that they comply with all the rigid regulations entrenched in this Act.
Although the Labour Relations Act is already 13 years in existence, it is a given that employers now require assistance more than ever, due to the Act changing daily by ways of Case Law. The labour field has become a minefield of disasters to happen.
Very often, the whole team will brainstorm and prepare intensively for specific cases of interest or high risk. This ensures that our clients cases are looked at from all angles, boost preparation and give the less experienced consultants the exposure to serious cases. We have developed and built up a library of documents, policies, agreements and contracts, which were adapted throughout the years as per changes in the law as well as case law implications. These are all available on CD to clients to ensure a uniform standard.
If you require a specific document, we do not have to reinvent the wheel, we will simply adapt the document to suit your business. All these are electronically stored and supplied to our customers on request.
We have a proven track record and are the market leaders in servicing the fields of Human Resource, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. During 2008 we handled 57 Labour Disputes in the CCMA/Bargaining Councils, and won 37, settled 17 and lost 3, which are currently under review in the Labour Court.

Human Resource Audit
We offer a Human Resource audit and will gladly perform this audit on your business to determine your level of compliance, both statutory and managerial.
Once this audit is completed, a report and recommendations will be supplied to your Management team.

What do we offer?
- Implementation of contracts of employment
- Implementation/Administration of statutory registers
- Assistance with Department of Labour and Bargaining Council inspections.
- Sectorial Determination information and notifications
- Assistance with UIF Administration
- Assistance with workman’s compensation administration
- Advice and assistance with development, training programmes and strategies
- Implementation of all relevant policies and procedures
- Conducting of disciplinary hearings and maintaining discipline in the workplace
- Negotiations with unions
- Representation and advice on all CCMA and Bargaining Council matters as per the LRA
- Legal advice and assistance in terms of any labour relations including strikes, retrenchments etc.
- Human Resource practitioners on site.
- On site and telephonic assistance 24 hours a day

Strategic Planning
We also offer workforce motivation planning as well as proactive planning before wage negotiations. We gladly implement productivity programmes in the workplace.
Our 12-month Retainer Agreement includes all the above services as well as all necessary documentation. Entering into a Retainer Agreement gives you the benefit of 24 hours labour relations support at a fixed monthly fee.

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