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Keywords: Tender Notices, Site Meetings

Get a TenderTM  is a subscription based Tender Notification Services that researches various sources for Tender notices and Business Leads worldwide.

Get a Tender gives you a head start and an edge in the business world. You can access hundreds of current Tender & Business leads daily directly from our web site.
For more information on what we offer to our clients read the information below: 
  1. Tender Notices
    The Tender Notice contains the following information:
    Tender Number
    Tender Name
    Site Inspection Date
    Tender Closure
    Client Details
    Professional Team Details
    Document Collection
    Document Submission
    Tender Deposit
    CIDB Grading
    Number of Times the Tender Notice has been viewed
    Industry Category
    Financing Institution
    Contract Period
  2. Reminders
    Subscribers receive customized  email / SMS called Get a Tender
    Advisory (GTA) which informs the subscriber with the latest tender notices for that day and a reminder for Site Meetings / Tender Closures, which ensures that one does not miss a tender or a site meeting / Tender Closure.

  3. Attendance Register
    Subscribers can view or download a pdf of the Attendance register. This can be valuable if you wish to link yourself with others for making a Joint venture or just to gauge the competition. 
  4. Publish a Tender
    If you are a registered user, you can publish a tender online for free 
  5. Search
    You can use this function to search anything on our databases including tender leads, news, directory of suppliers etc 
  6. Advertisement
    You can advertise on Our rates are competitive and you would be assured of getting a maximum exposure. 
  7. Tender Closure Amounts & Engineers Estimate
    Subscribers can view or download a pdf of the Tender Closure Amounts & Engineers Estimate as well as an analysis of the statistics 
  8. Tender Award
    Subscribers can view or download information on who has been awarded which contract. This information is valuable to material suppliers, plant hires, specialist and sub contractors as they know exactly who to talk to to market their products and services. 
  9. Representation on Site Inspections
    You can request us at a reasonable fee, to represent you on a site inspection / briefing. This is economical and time saving. 
  10. Tender Document Collection & Submission
    You can request us at a reasonable fee to buy and collect the Tender Document for you. We can also collect the completed Tender Document and hand submit at the relevant Tender box.
  11. Database Registration
    You just have to complete your information once, and we would register you in any database without completing the information again.
  12. Electronic BOQ
    You can download the electronic BOQ from our web Site. If the Project Manager does not want to release the BOQ in electronic format, you can fax us the hard copy and we will convert it for you.
  13. Tender Pricing
    We have got professional Quantity Surveyors, Estimators and Engineers who can price your document professionally.
  14. Market Intelligence
    We release market Intelligence information  to our subscribers. This information is aluable and priceless. 
  15. Statistics & Analysis
    We give out Statistics and Analysis to assist you in strategic decision making.
  16. Expert Answer & Questions
    You can ask us any question related to Tenders and we will get an expert to respond to you. We give out information on a number of topics including the following: Pricing Documents, Funding, Legal, Labour, Suppliers 
  17. Archive Information
    We store our information for future use as we believe that information there is value even in archived information. 
  18. Discussion Forum
    This is one of the most useful tool we have on the website as it allows you to interact with us and other subscribers on any topic online. 
  19. Shop
    You can shop for books and other items online 
  20. Training
    We offer training on Tender Document Completion, Contract Law, Estimating and other courses 
  21. Directory
    We maintain a directory of Clients, Professional, Contractors, Specialists, Suppliers and Manufacturers 
  22. Career
    We would link people looking for a job and organizations looking for personnel to hire 
  23. News
    Give you up to date news relevant to the services offered on this website. 
  24. Library
    This is arguably one of the most useful page on the world wide web  as it contains strategic information which is key in this tendering business. 
  25. Links
    Here we have links to other useful web sites 
  26. Humor &  Quotations
    All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and all play and no work makes jean a foolish girl. 
  27. Weather
    Gives you weather and weather forecasts 
  28. Material Price List
    Gives you price list on materials 
  29. Plant Hire Price List
    Give you a price list on plant hire.

Keywords: Site Meetings, Tender Notices

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