By: Amandla Afrika Industries  03-27-2013
Keywords: orion grip



In the day and age we live in, Cable theft Is a Common issue.

Many life’s and Business operations is affected by this problem on a daily basis. Simple but effective initiatives can be implemented very cost effectively. It would be impossible to try and prevent it as a hole, but.

We have a range of product to assist you. Our products are rough bust, effective.

The Orion Grip can be integrated into existing Systems, and Plants.

The Orion Grip offers a 360 degree lock down on any Cable, it would be
Next to impossible to pull or remove any cable after installation. When a cable
Needs replacing, we will offer support and assistance with that task. Placed in
Strategic locations along each cable, The Orion Grip will secure the cable and give you
The needed time to respond to any theft Attempt.

Keywords: orion grip