Services Offered by Siyafundisa i Africa: Training & Consulting

By: Siyafundisa I Africa  11-11-2011

  • Workplace Skills Plans
  • Annual Training Reports
  • Equity Plans
  • Fairtrade Assistance
  • Learnership Tax Incentive Section 12H Guidance
  • Skills Audits of Staff
  • Rural Development & Project Management
  • Small Commercial Farm Development
  • Land Restitution Assistance
  • Labour Relations

Training Services:  

  • Learnership Training in the following qualifications:
  • Plant Production
  • Animal Production
  • Mixed Farming Systems

Short Skills Programmes:  

  • Crop Production Short Courses
  • Citrus, mangoes, sugar cane, grapes, herbs, pineapples, pears, bananas, avocados, macadamias, apples, vegetables, hydroponics and landscaping.

All the above include irrigation, fertilization, plant propagation and manipulation courses with food safety as a compulsory course. Animal Production:  

  • Large livestock, pigs, poultry and small stock.

International Standards:  

  • Global GAP
  • Fairtrade
  • ISO Standards

Maintenance and Operators:  

  • Farm Tools Equipment
  • Storeman
  • Fencing
  • Handyman on farms
  • Irrigation Operators
  • Tractor Operators
  • Chemical Operators and Handlers
  • Firefighting Teams
  • Farm Security
  • Packhouse Training
  • Entrepreneurial Development and Business Skills
  • Agri-business Skills
  • Basic Business Skills
  • Marketing Skills