Cristal Water | A Premier South African Bottled Mineral Water and Ice Company in Mpumalanga

By: Cristal Water  11-11-2011

Cristal Water aims to provide unsurpassed service to our clients as far as possible, placing emphasis on our quality products and excellent customer relations.

Deliveries of our water products are timeous and kept at minimal cost to the client and this is even free to some of our local clients that order regularly from us.

   • Cristal Water does office deliveries on daily basis and has dispensers to public places such as health centers, offices etc.

   • Cristal Water has extended hand in donating some health bottled water to charity homes and schools sport clubs

   • Local people phone Cristal Water timeand again for water to be delivered for them, which takes only few minutes and the

      clients have the ice-cold water speedily delivered to their door steps in no time.

Cristal Water will arrange special deliveries, whether during working hours or on weekends or public holidays, wherever possible and in other service areas attempt where necessary and possible to provide service where other water companies are lacking.

Our staff are always friendly and accommodating, and will assist clients in choosing the correct order quantities, and scheduling these orders and the processing so that clients receive personal service.