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By: Environmental Management Assistance  08-26-2013
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Conservationand Wildlife Management (terrestrial services)

The current legislation requires anumber of management plans when dealing with game and conservation importantspecies and areas.  At EM Assistance we pride ourselves in developingplans to meet the legal requirements in all fields across the conservation andgame farm management spectrum. 


EnvironmentalManagement Plans

Protected Area ManagementPlans

GameFarm Management Plans

Protectedor Species of Conservation value Plans (ie, elephant management plans, rhinomanagement plans etc…)

VeldManagement Plans

BurnManagement Plans

Erosion Control Management Plans

Wildlifeand Conservation Management Advice

Waste Management Plans and Programmes forGame Farms, Conservation areas and the farming sector. 

Marineand Coastal Environmental Management

At EM Assistance we dedicateour time to getting to know our clients and become familiar with their operations inorder to provide a service that is more suited to their needs. In essence,marine specialist services will be tailored to suit our clients' requests. Ourservices include, but are not limited to the following:


SpecialistEnvironmental Impact Assessment

MarineEnvironmental Management Plans

Strategic Environmental Assessments

Resource Use Evaluation

Reviewof Environmental Programmes and investigations

Marine Environmental Surveys

Marineand Coastal Ecologically Sensitive Evaluations

Ecologicaland Socio economic research and baseline studies

Monitoring programmes


In the process of developing andconstructing an entity, a number of activities on site impact the environmentand plans often change.  These changed plans must be evaluated toensure additional damage is not being imposed on the environment, and that thenew potential damage or changes (anthropogenic influences) do not cause thedevelopment to become non-compliant with environmental legislation. At EMAssistance we offer advice and services to ensure that our clients remaincompliant through the duration of construction. 


Planning Phase

Specialistreports for EIAs or basic assessments

Ambientair quality assessment






Visual Impacts


Construction Phase

UpdatingEnvironmental Management Plans for and during construction

ErosionManagement Plans for Construction

RehabilitationManagement Plans (all developments including mining)

EnvironmentalCompliance Advice (including air, waste, water, fauna, flora, marine, erosion,soil and general environmental).

Environmental Management

Providecompanies with Environmental Officers (EO) or EnvironmentalControlOfficers (ECO)

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

EnvironmentalOfficer Training (on site)

EnvironmentalControl Officer Training (on site)

Waste Management Plans

Environmental Audits

Training and Assessments

At EM Assistance we have highly trainedprofessionals from the environmental legal field, Environmental Compliancefield and air, soil, waste and marine specialist fields.  The team ofwell-equipped trainers (including SETA qualified professionals) will ensurethat the training courses conducted by EM Assistance is relevant, current,up-to date and practical.  The courses offered are directed todevelopers, construction workers, government organisations, NGOs andEnvironmental Consultants. 


Environmentalcontrol Officer training

Environmental0fficer training

Environmentalcompliance awareness


Environmentalawareness training


Environmental Conservation compliance


Wasterelated assessment

Erosionrelated assessments

Environmental, conservation orecological related assessment 

Keywords: Air Quality, Environmental Consultants, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Planning, Environmental Services, Sustainable Development, Waste Management

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