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By: The Babcock & Wilcox Company  11-11-2011

Steam generators, or boilers, use heat to convert water into steam for a variety of applications. Primary among these are electric power generation and industrial process heating.

B&ampW provides boilers ranging from small package boilers for commercial applications to large, high capacity utility boilers used to generate 1300 MW of electricity. We have the experience to burn virtually any fuel to produce steam efficiently, safely and reliably.

Nuclear energy also plays a major role in the generation of electric power.

B&W's boiler options include:

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Auxiliary Equipment - B&W

A variety of auxiliary components are needed for the modern steam generating systems to function effectively and efficiently. B&W has the experience and technical capabilities to provide the industry's most proven boiler auxiliary equipment. A dependable boiler design alone does not assure high availability for your steam generating system. B&W's auxiliary equipment products include.


Commercial Nuclear Plant Components - B&W

B&W has designed and manufactured commercial nuclear power equipment for more than 40 years, providing nuclear heat exchangers, nuclear plant services and more than 200 nuclear steam generators to customers around the world. Built in the 1960s to support the commercial nuclear industry, the Mount Vernon facility provides full integration of design and fabrication of some of the world's largest ASME Code, thick-walled pressure vessels.


Boiler Replacement Parts - B&W

We provide the necessary aftermarket components and customer services and programs to keep your equipment operating at optimum efficiency levels. Replacement parts for your steam generation and auxiliary equipment are essential to the daily operation of your power plant. B&W is committed to delivering prompt and knowledgeable customer service for the supply of quality replacement parts.