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By: Mowbray Golf Club  11-11-2011
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19 September 2011

Dear Members,

Spring is in the air and everything is green. While we haven't had an abundance of rain our course, under the supervision of STM, has certainly taken on a new appearance. This is largely due to the additional fertilizers that have been spread across the course. Our bunkering has also been improved and I am personally so happy to see the tops of bunkers that were previously hidden on holes like 10, 18, 12, 14, and the dramatic improvement of a few others. I know all the little brown stakes to direct carts are hard to get used to initially but it does give a totally fresh and neat look to the course and I thank all the members for staying within the boundaries of these areas. It is already evident that this is helping with wear areas and the course is looking so much neater.

Back to news from the course and what has been happening around the Club House. We said goodbye to largely 70% of our course staff at the end of August. They did not want to transfer across to STM with full pay, history and all the privileges intact and requested a retrenchment package instead. It has been a stressful period of time-consuming turmoil with union discussions, meetings, strikes, go slows and not wanting to work to new instructions. Thank heavens this unfortunate period at Mowbray is behind us. The course itself is much greener and our poor fairway conditions have recovered well. We are still suffering from the nightmare vandalism to our greens and the scarring that it has left is still very evident.

More visible is the unfortunate damage caused by the toxic solution which was thrown onto certain greens and there are large areas on the surface where the grass has died. With the greens in this weak state, we could hardly perform many of our cultural practices that would normally inhibit the spread of Poa but we are very much aware of what is happening and are looking forward to getting a good hollow tine in at the end of the month so that the greens will be as strong as possible as we go into summer.

Here is some more news from around the Club:

•Mowbray has said goodbye to Peter Cottrell, one of our Starter/Marshals, who looked after our members and visitors for almost nine years. We thank Peter for all the years' service and hope he will enjoy the course a bit more now that he has time to play.

•The car park lines have been repainted and this has made this area look neat and tidy.

•Mowbray recently entered 3 teams into the WP Rules Quiz which was held at our Club. We vastly improved on last year's score when we finished all but last and second last, and our Ladies finished 5th last. Sadly, however, the men faltered again although they did improve slightly coming 4th from the last position this time with Peter Roux's team finishing somewhere in the middle of the eventual standings.

Due to the success and fun linked to this evening and in a quest to better our rules knowledge, we have organised a rules evening for Mowbray GC on the 25th of October, right after the ladies finish their prize giving. Teams of four are needed to compete and snacks will be served midway through the evening. Join in and have some fun with the rules.

•We are planting a few new trees on the course. Some of the new trees are on the 11th hole, 2nd hole, 15th hole and 17th hole. While we have limited funds, this is a necessary project to maintain. We have also decided to go with more mature trees rather than small saplings.

•Our Ladies AGM went off well and I wish to welcome Jenny Steensma into the hot seat of Captain for the next two years. Good luck Jenny. Also, Lynn Levey has been voted in as the new Lady President. Congratulations. A big thank you to Viv Newell and Margaret Atkinson for all the work, time and effort they have individually put into running the ladies section over the past few years. Long may our ladies be so strong and united at Mowbray.

•There are still some members who have not paid their annual subs. Unfortunately, as from the 1st of August, your membership at Mowbray was made inactive and, as from this week, we are 'hot carding' your WP affiliation and handicap cards. If by any chance you fall into this category, please come and settle your account immediately.

•Remember that we are going to be doing our spring programme on the golf course starting from Monday the 3rd up to and including Thursday the 6th of October. Work will not only be done on the greens but throughout the course, so the whole golf course will be closed. Over this period we have arranged reciprocity for our members at King David, Somerset West, Rondebosch, Durbanville, Milnerton, Strand, Atlantic Beach, Metropolitan, De Zalze, Clovelly and Westlake.

•Recently we had another fantastic evening with our resident band 'Lock up Your Mothers'. Those who attended the evening said they had great fun and it was great value for money but it was such a pity that it was so poorly supported. We are planning another fun evening with the band on 28th October, so please pencil this date into your diary.

Personality of the month - Cathy Skinner:

Our accountant, Cathrine (Cathy) Skinner, was born and schooled in Zimbabwe and both her parents were teachers there. She completed a secretarial and bookkeeping course when she left school and subsequently enrolled at Rhodes University for a BSc Degree as she intended to do physiotherapy. A year later she decided this was not for her and moved to Johannesburg and London respectively for a couple of years whereafter she returned to Zimbabwe, got married and had two little girls, Lauren and Amy.

Cathy moved to Cape Town in 2005 and for five years worked for a company that imported champagne before she joined the office team at Mowbray Golf Club.

Cathy is a devoted Mom and when she is not at the office she enjoys the outdoors, jogging, gym and spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking. She and her girls are currently taking golf lessons with Daphne Sole and we look forward to seeing them out on the course in the not too distant future!

We thank Cathy for her huge commitment and tireless devotion to sorting out and updating our total accounting package which was very much in disarray when she joined our team at Mowbray. Her quiet yet sunny disposition and relentless pursuit of perfection is exactly what was needed to clean up past attempts at producing comprehensive management accounts and I can only thank her for the hard work and great results that she has single handedly produced. Thanks Cathy and keep up the good work.

Let's hope we get a little bit more rain before we get into the summer months. Our dams could do with a bit more water otherwise restrictions could be imposed.

Start going on walks, going to gym and limbering up for the summer season. I hope you are all enjoying the course and keep an eye out for all the small improvements that will be happening in the near future.

I hope to see you soon down the middle of our fairways.

O'Brian Barber
General Manager - Golf Director

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