By: Motla Utilities  11-11-2011
Keywords: Meter Reading, Municipal Meters


Readings are captured on site on handheld computer based units.  The data captured is then processed via our central computer to produce Meter Reading Returns and Consumer Advices.

Meter Reading Returns

Statements for the current month details the following:
• Reading date
• Tenant or consumer
• Number of days for the period
• Client's reference code and
• Latest reading
• Amount to be charged
• Consumption since last reading

Consumer Advice

Providers actual readings and consumption, this advice – only for individual consumers – eliminates many queries and complaints.

Municipal Meters

Municipal Meters are read (where possible) and reflected on our Meter Reading Return. This enables comparison of Municipal (Bulk) consumption against total sub-metered consumption.

Computerised Services and Data Transfer

JMS and CMS are able to provide monthly data to clients in most digital formats via disc, modem or e-mail.

JMS Client Services department is experienced and qualified to deal with all aspects of the resale of Utilities including:

• Direct queries from Consumers

• Auditing recoveries and possible solutions to correct shortfall

• Tariffs

• Negotiating back charges with tenants /consumers

• Common area billing

Energy Conservation/Savings

There are a number of companies specialising in the field of energy conservation and savings relating to utilities. We, on behalf of clients where requested, are able to assist such specialists by supplying information such as statistics, historical data, rates etc.

JMS Clients may make use of our internet-based reporting system to view up-to-the-minute reports on their buildings and meters. After you receive your login name and password you can log on to the website and gain access to the following features:

• Search facility to find a client or meter within your portfolio
• Full report of all the meters within a building
• Detailed 24 month history per tenant and meter (including consumption and Rand    value graphs)
• Online meter change request form allowing you to request changes to meters from    the website
• Download facility allowing you to download reports in a spreadsheet format
• 12 month statistics per building broken down by meter type
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Keywords: Meter Reading, Municipal Meters