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By: Mothebe  11-11-2011

We specialize in the transportation of passengers and provide the following services:

On picking up clients at the airports our drivers carry name boards for easy identification for the people they will be collecting from the airport.

An example is the one at the bottom:

MR. T. D Mothebe Flight  SA302
Fleet Services


No booking without an order number shall be confirmed.
This also includes any other method that would have been discussed and agreed upon by two parties getting into a contract. We however prefer all bookings to be done by email, Telephone and fax.
As a black cloned company we understand the importance and significance of complying with certain regulatory measures and standards. Thus we conform to the following;


All the buses are equipped with onboard fleet management systems (GEOTAB) and the luxury and semi-luxury buses in the fleet are not older than three (3) years.
Buses are well maintained and regular inspections are done. Our buses also comply with safety features such as roll over protection, ABS brakes and Thelma retarders.
Drivers undergo continuous evaluation and training. Although Gerotek training is a prerequisite, the drivers undergo in-house training on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with the Company’s standards and legal requirements. The Company also makes use of private medical practitioners and optometrists for medical evaluations (medical evaluations are conducted at least every second year)