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By: Moonstone Studio  11-11-2011
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Currently the size of the studio is 18 square meters. It was a single garage that I've converted. We have plans to expand the studio with another 25 square meters. I've divided the studio in two. The recording booth and the control room. There are some sound absorption panel on the walls. These helps to reduce room echo and reverb.

Lets start with the Microphones in our recording studio. On the drums I use the Superlux drum kit microphone set. It's very affordable and the sound is great. I use it both for live and studio applications. It can also be used for various instruments in our recording studio. The twin condenser overhead microphones are great for acoustic instruments. For vocal and other applications like guitar amplifiers I use the Sure SM 58 and the AKG D3700. I also like to use these microphones on the snare drum. For vocal recording I use the Samson C01 large diaphragm condenser microphone. This microphone reproduces the true characteristics of the voice. For compression I use the Composer compressor from Behringer (A perfect match for a recording studio).

This helps with those annoying peaks in the vocal, or sustain in a guitar solo, or even give some punch to the kick drum. For the microphone preamplifier, I use the Ultragain valve microphone preamp from Behringer. This is a two channel preamp. The valve adds great warmth and transparency to any instrument or vocal. After all that, everything comes together in the Behringer FX2420 mixer. The Behringer mixer's world renowned IMP (invisible mic preamps) gives great sound quality for both studio and live sound applications. I also use Behringer's Truth 2021 monitors for monitoring in my recording studios booth. These speakers give a very useful flat response. That is what you want to be able to hear everything exactly as they sound.

We have upgraded to Core 2 deo 2.6 GhZ with 4 gig ram. Cubase 4 with all the bells and whistles. Soundcard is a ESI 16 in 16 out USB 2.0.

Other gear, sound equipment and instruments used in our recording studio
Yamaha SPX 90 vocal effects processor. Behringer multi effects unit Marshall Amplification Cort Bass guitar Washburn Electric guitar Egmond acoustic, Waldon Acoustic guitar, Boss Metal zone distortion pedal Marshall Govner overdrive pedal Tube screamer distortion pedal Zoom 606 multi effects

Keywords: Guitar, Microphone, Sound Equipment

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