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By: Montis  11-11-2011

Purpose Statement

We exist to serve high net-worth clients, business owners of small and medium enterprise and entrepreneurs achieve the perfect synergy between their personal and business assets. The Montis Model for Asset Structuring ensures Tax Efficiency, Insolvency Protection, Continuity of the Business and Investment Assets and solutions to ensure a legacy for generational Wealth Management.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the preferred high net-worth individual, business owner and/or entrepreneur mentor, in you achieving the most comprehensive asset structure to support your lifestyle, whether you are just starting out in the building phase of life, entering the growth phase with children or the retirement lifestyle phase.

Mission Statement

We consult with integrity and transparency in a mentor capacity.  We are service driven, with a focus on building long-term business relationships.  Our premise for any business relationship is founded in our core values of trust, mutual respect of privacy and confidentiality, at the utmost level of professionalism. We pledge to the following role of ethical conduct: To consult with due skill, care and diligence to ensure that the unique solution offered every individual would be one we would apply to ourselves had we the same circumstances. 

Clear Focus

Surviving the South African economy is extremely difficult. For every new and intriguing opportunity in the business world, there are twice as many problems that present themselves. A number of circumstances could cause you to lose your business including: tardy debtors, interest rate increases, badly structured financial systems and many more.

Given these facts, it is vitally important that your financial and asset structures are set up in such a way, that no assets are unnecessarily prejudiced and exposed to risk.

Montis Consulting specialises in assisting you to create the perfect synergy between your personal assets, your company's assets and your trust's assets, thereby ensuring the maximum benefit in terms of income tax savings, reduction of risk exposure and wealth creation. It was once said that it is harder to hold on to one’s money, than it is to make it. Not only will we assist each individual in ring-fencing assets, but will help with the adaptation of any existing asset structure.

Montis is latin for Mountainous. And that is how we would like to see our client's estates develop to ensure a lasting legacy. 

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