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By: Montic  11-11-2011
Keywords: Milk, Dairy Products, Microbiology Laboratory

Milk Sourcing

Montic Dairy sources its milk from farms in Clocolan (Free State) and Koppies region and transports it to our dairy by road tankers. At the farms samples are tested to measure the quality and pH levels of the milk before it is pumped into the road tankers.

Quality Assurance
Once the milk arrives at Montic dairy checks are done in the microbiology laboratory to ensure the milk adheres to the Dairy standards and health department regulations. In addition tests are done for butterfat, freezing point, protein and water content to ensure that the milk is of the highest standard.

State of the art equipment is used to process the milk into a wide range of products for sale to consumers. To assure quality, trend analysis is done on all product lines by taking random samples to ensure production is to correct specifications. Each product is individually marked with batch numbers and expiry dates for the identification of freshness. Montic fresh products are kept in large refrigerators below 5◦ C until dispatched.

We have a dedicated Tele Sales team at Montic Dairy through which orders are placed for daily distribution. These orders are delivered to various retail outlets and shops through our fleet of 50 refrigerated vehicles ensuring that the cold chain is uninterrupted. All vehicles are maintained in-house making use of our own motor workshop, panel beater and spray booth. A fleet of smaller vehicles supply dairy products to the restaurant and catering industry.

At the retail outlets Montic Dairy makes use of a team of 150 merchandisers who are responsible for stocking and maintaining the shelves, checking price visibility and accuracy and removing damaged or aged stock from the shelves. A team of Sales representatives who are trained in customer services are dedicated to specific areas for the purpose of building customer relationships, managing sales and ensuring service levels are maintained.

Customer Care
Customer complaints are handled by both our sales and quality control departments depending on the nature of the query. All complaints are dealt with promptly to ensure problems are resolved in a timely manner and guarantee the customer receives the best possible service.

Health & Hygiene
To ensure cleanliness and health standards are adhered to both our fresh and UHT production facilities are audited by Dairy Standards, South African Food Safety Inspection Services, Major retailers and the local municipality biannually.

Keywords: Dairy Products, Microbiology Laboratory, Milk,