By: Moa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Public Transport, Infrastructure Development

Project Management Resource Groups (PMRG’s) are partnership organisations (service providers) that are currently contracted to the Gauteng Department of Public Transport Roads and Works (PTRW) to act as agencies for fast tracking the delivery of infrastructure development and maintenance in Gauteng.

The PMRG strategy was first implemented in the last quarter of the 2004-5 financial year. The role of PMRG’s is to assist the department to meet its objectives of fast-tracking the delivery and maintenance of infrastructure. They have been deployed to various sites to address inadequate human resource and technical capacity within the department to accelerate delivery. The criteria used to appoint PMRGs included that they needed to demonstrate expertise and experience in the following disciplines or fields in which the department needed assistance:

  • Project strategic planning and engineering designs;
  • Community liaison & facilitation and administrative skills;
  • Extensive experience in project management methodologies (PMBOK) and software applications;
  • Capital works facilities planning;
  • Facilities maintenance;
  • Road construction and maintenance management;
  • Construction management and site supervision;
  • Financial control and management during construction;
  • Risk management during construction risk management during construction;
  • Be conversant with engineering and or building contract;
  • BEE compliant

MoA is one of the PMRGs appointed by the GDPTRW to manage key infrastructure development projects on its behalf. The MoA PMRG is a partnership comprising organisations with expertise in the fields of engineering (civil, mechanica, and electrical), quantity survey, construction management, town planning, financial management, organisational development, and project management. Currently, we have been allocated four key projects, namely, the Construction of the New Natalspruit Hospital, the Revitalisation of Sinaba and HM Pitje Stadia (2010 training stadia), the Revitalisation of the Metered Taxi Project, and Development of Transport Economic Hubs.

Keywords: Infrastructure Development, Project Management, Public Transport

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11-11-2011 - PRESS RELEASES

Construction has begun on the new Natalspruit Hospital which is being built on solid groundHealthcare and job creation in Ekurhuleni are expected to be given a major boost as construction of the mammoth new R900 million state-of-the-art hospital in Kathorus gets under way.